About Us

The South Bend branch was the first location of the People of Praise, starting in 1971. We had a strictly mid-western flavor until 1977, when over 100 folks from San Francisco moved back here to join us. Today, our 450 adults and 450 children are a diverse and happy mix of students, singles and families who gather weekly in men’s and women’s groups, for meals, or as a whole at our community center.

For years we owned the historic LaSalle Hotel in downtown South Bend. Most of our activities were centered in that grand old building. Later we purchased Turner’s Athletic Center on Ironwood, and after much remodeling we now have a beautiful community center which is the site of abundant life.

There are many ways to meet us: call the community center to join one of our families for a casual supper or visit Trinity School at Greenlawn which we founded in 1981.

Since our beginning, the People of Praise has prayed and worked for Christian unity and Christian community worldwide. We are living proof that Christians of many denominations can work and pray together in heartfelt unity.

We’d love to meet you! Drop in at our community center or give us a call at (574) 277-1602